Bringing a world of content to Australia and New Zealand with Netflix

The Challenge

Netflix is a globally recognised entertainment brand, boasting 57 million subscribers in over 50 countries. After months of speculation and waiting, the subscription on-demand network launched in Australia and New Zealand in March 2015 – bringing a new world of content to Australia via thousands of connected devices. But how do you launch a global brand into a new market and keep it locally relevant? Especially when you’re launching into a market that has traditionally lagged behind when it comes to streamed content, and one that doesn’t fully understand the subscription on-demand model.

The Insight

In-depth insights revealed that Australians have always felt left out when it comes to global content. That is one reason why the country has some of the highest global rates of pirating and illegal downloading. Australians want content and they want it immediately – but a feeling of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) has led them to acquire this content illegally. Up until now, many Australians felt it was their only option. What Australia needed was an education campaign – one that would help media and consumers understand the value of the Netflix service and create a dialogue in the months leading up to launch

The Strategy

We engaged journalists from a broad range of media sectors well in advance of the launch, and initiated an intensive media education program – incorporating immersion trips to Netflix HQ in California, desk-side demos, one-on-one briefings and interviews with top Netflix executives.  The purpose was to take them on the Netflix brand journey and fully understand the Netflix model and vernacular and, crucially, how it would work in an Australian context. Our chosen media influencers included feature, business, lifestyle and entertainment writers – ensuring that the Netflix tone of voice was well embedded within Australian media narrative in time for launch. In parallel, a dedicated publicity team leveraged talent from key Netflix original shows, to build excitement around the unique content offering the service would bring to Australia.

The Result

By launch in March 2015, we had generated over 1000 quality, in-depth and on-message pieces coverage! More importantly, our intensive focus to hit a wide range of media targets meant this coverage was spread across a diverse number of titles, helping drive excitement and buzz across the board. We also secured cut through with competing owners of Stan and Presto – Channel 9 and Channel 10.