eBay Innovation Lab

The Challenge

Position eBay as a thought leader and innovator in retail and shift their perception as an auction house.

The Approach

It’s hard to really predict what the next new technology will be, as proved by 3D TVs. But eBay is able to make predictions based on data from the site, so we decided to make this physical using the latest technology.

In a world first we used the latest emotion analytics and visual recognition technology to track consumer reactions to ten exciting new innovations including robots, 3D printing, holograms and drones.

The Result

Over 3000 people went through the Innovation Lab. The campaign generated 145 pieces of coverage, including over six hours of broadcast coverage with highlights syndicated Sky News and Channel 7. We garnered interest from Parliament and were invited to showcase the Innovation Lab at Parliament House in November. Following this, during his Innovation Speech in early December, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull commented that he wants people to be able to communicate with the Australian Government as they do with eBay.