Hijacking Technology at the Dinner Table: The Dolmio Pepper Hacker

The Challenge:

Dolmio is a brand that believes in bringing people together at dinnertime, but increasingly we live in a society where modern technology is becoming a hindrance to real world connections: something that Dolmio believes very strongly in.

The Insight:

Research commissioned by Dolmio found that two-thirds of Aussies households reported arguments from over use of technology at dinner, and four out of five (78%) saying that technology should be banned at the table. The research also found that on average Australian households own approximately 12 devices/gadgets meaning that family mealtimes are becoming ever more difficult to navigate without being hijacked by our love of technology.

The Strategy:

With this in mind, we decided to highlight the problem by helping a series of Aussie families in a truly innovative way. Working closely with Clemmenger BBDO we created the Dolmio® Pepper Hacker. Aside from seasoning your spaghetti, the Dolmio® Pepper Hacker has another very unique secret feature: with one twist the seemingly normal pepper grinder will power down TVs, shut off Wi-Fi and mobile apps, taking away the dinnertime distractions.

To demonstrate how families can connect when they disconnect, we provided frustrated Aussie mums with a Pepper Hacker to help them reclaim dinnertime and stop technology commandeering their family time. The experiment was secretly filmed to capture the reactions of the technology obsessed families once their tech was switched off and dinner was served: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUgv5MDF0cQ

The Result:

Once the online film was launched it soon hit the headlines, generating 85 pieces of coverage in Australia with a reach of almost 50 million. Key coverage included features on The Today Show and The Project and online coverage on the Mail Online. In just four weeks the online film was viewed over 85 million times

But the coverage didn’t stop there. The content resonated with people across the world and delivered coverage across four continents including American (USA Today), Europe (The Daily Telegraph) and Asia (India Today), reaching a further 2.5 billion people.