Ancestry ANZAC Centenary

Less than 30 per cent of Australians know what ANZAC means…

The Challenge

Ahead of the WWI centenary, Howorth were tasked with driving impressions to the Ancestry site ahead of the release of 12 million new military records. 

The Approach

Howorth commissioned research to shape two sets of responses, one around Australians’ knowledge of the word Anzac Day and the other around how Australians commemorate the Anzacs today.
The campaign was staggered over 6 week period to amplify coverage, ensuring that was part of the ANZAC Centenary conversations. The knowledge gap research was deliberately placed a month out from Anzac Day in order to get ahead of the news cycle, with the commemoration piece launched a week out from Anzac Day.
Throughout the 6 weeks, 10 bespoke case studies were developed and pitched into tier one media to allow for research amplification and greater campaign momentum.

The Results

Both narratives received blanket coverage across national and metro media, kicking off with an exclusive on Channel 7 News.
In total, 448 clips were achieved, 48 of them TV broadcast and 20 on radio and 31 print. Most importantly, 349 clips were achieved across online publications, all pointing towards the Ancestry collection.
In total, a possible 36 and a half million people were reached across the entire campaign.

“Simply excellent – well done everybody for your hard work on making this campaign such a success. Despite some challenges along the way the results really do speak for themselves and I know that the fantastic PR coverage has played a major part in making the whole campaign a success from a business perspective. I think it is even worthy of an uncharacteristic lapse into American to say ‘you lot are super-awesome…!”

          – Adrian Leighton, Senior Director of International Communications, Ancestry.