Trust, workplace design, diversity and inclusion are key ingredients to business success


Canon has recently undergone a unique change program which saw its workplaces transformed to drive high performance working, enabling employees to work in a way that suits them and allowing them to co-design the premises. To continue the momentum of positioning Canon as a thought leader in the workplace environment space, and to provide Canon with a strong platform to discuss and debate the big issues affecting Australia’s professional workforce, we developed a platform for Canon to continue the conversation

By commissioning a research project to investigate ‘Work in Evolution’ in Australia, we took a deep dive into three key pillars: the evolution of the Australian workplace, diversity and inclusion, and trust as well as getting the perspectives of both employees and employers on the topics.


To strengthen the credibility of the whitepaper and to provide recommendations, we engaged a third party spokesperson, Donna Meredith from Interaction Associates, to create a framework as a guide for other businesses wishing to adopt a high performance workplace.

Additionally, we created a bank of content, including a whitepaper and infographic to help to visually represent the research.

A radio release was recorded with sound bites from Effie Fox, HR and Communication Director, Canon Oceania, highlighting key findings to drive broad coverage across regional and metro radio.

The news was amplified by pitching to media under embargo – with tailored pitches for each industry vertical.


We secured 44 online and print pieces of coverage and 130 radio syndications, including within top tier media such as AAP, The Australian, Herald Sun and The Daily Telegraph – as well as industry verticals such as HR Daily, Stationery News and Business Spectator.