The Challenge:

As 2015 came to a close, the annual rush of companies sharing their year in reflection was dominant in media. As a key business priority, Twitter sought to tell the #YearOnTwitter story, to showcase the power of the platform as a live connection to the culture and the moments that happen around us.

The Strategy:

The unique features of Twitter as live connection to culture, moments and news formed the underlying basis of the campaign – particularly for a generation that engages and relies on social networks 24/7. With this in mind, it was important to develop unique angles on how Twitter shaped and captured the moments that moved and amused us in 2015.

#YearOnTwitter presented an opportunity for Twitter to tell the story of how 2015 unfolded on the platform. To ensure Twitter was highlighting the biggest moments on the platform, and leading the social media conversation, a multi-layered campaign strategy was developed. The goal was to present cohesive global and local stories to position Twitter as the platform for the most publicly discussed moments of the year.

With data at our disposal, we went back to basics and captured that data, in simple graphics, outlining what happened in the world on Twitter.  We implemented a global approach for the campaign to keep the story consistent across the world, thus making it easier to share the Twitter story – while localising and pinpointing Australian data to tie in market, and vertical, specific stories.

In the week leading up to the campaign, a range of exclusive media stories were told using bespoke data, along with the creation of visual graphs, emoji infographics, and hero Tweets. Twitter spokespeople brought #YearOnTwitter to life across radio, print, broadcast and online – all tailored to specific verticals.

The Result:

The #YearOnTwitter campaign saw the platform lead and achieve mass coverage, before the major competitors, Instagram, Google and Facebook launched their year in review.

From a target KPI of 20 pieces of tier-one coverage, we achieved a total of 336 pieces, with a reach of 153,030,271 across:

  • Broadcast – 65
  • Print – 5
  • Online – 238
  • Radio – 29

Break out:

The campaign highlighted the power of Twitter as the go-to platform for the most publicly discussed moments of the year and, more importantly, highlighted the diverse nature of the conversations on Twitter – including the ongoing political movements and machinations, such as #LibSpill and #AusPol and global people movements, captured through #RefugeesWelcome.

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