A win for effective change storytelling at the 2017 Australasian Railway Industry Awards

A win for effective change storytelling at the 2017 Australasian Railway Industry Awards
July 24, 2017 OPR

24th July 2017:

We’re excited to announce that opr Employee Experience’s work with NSW TrainLink has been recognised with the Employee Engagement Award at the Australasian Railway Industry Awards in July 2017.

opr Employee Experience partnered with NSW TrainLink to help engage their 2000 dispersed and largely blue collar workforce in the future direction. Following research with employees, we recognised we needed to connect with the past so that we could take employees into the future. We created a story framework that helped leaders set the context for change within NSW TrainLink and reinforce why things can’t stay the same.

Danny Broad, Chief Executive Officer, Australasian Railway Association said, “NSW TrainLink’s implementation and continued commitment to the ‘Our Story’ framework is crucial to the organisation’s successful modernisation and transformation as it strives to deliver better customer experiences and create a sustainable organisation.

“The organisation has embraced the fact that in order to engage and manage change within a geographically disparate staff base across the entire state of NSW, significant management time to deliver the messages was required. It also ensured appropriate skills were provided to management to deliver the new approach.”

More than 700 management hours were committed to the participation of ‘Our Story’ training and ‘In the Know’ sessions, which were designed as informal sessions where leaders had open conversations about change, the direction and what it means for their people.

The 2017 Australasian Rail Industry Awards Gala Dinner is the rail industry’s premier event recognising outstanding achievements by individuals and organisations across Australia and New Zealand. And we’re absolutely thrilled that our clients were able to shine amongst their industry peers.