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Believability Index

Introducing the 2019 Believability Index

What does it take for a leader to be believed? To be believed in?

In a ‘post-truth’ period of distrust, institutional failures and fake news, effective leadership is both more challenging and more critical than ever before.

opr has partnered with Millward Brown to diagnose the perceptions of Australia’s political and corporate leaders, and to reveal the dimensions of leadership that influence people’s decision to support a person, a party, an idea. The result is the inaugural Believability Index and report.

This nationally representative study uses a hybrid methodology to go beyond measuring the rational drivers of trust to reveal what shapes people’s gut reactions – the emotional drivers of effective leadership that speak to the heart as well as the head.

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Diagnose your Leadership Believability

opr and Millward Brown work with individual c-suite leaders, brands and organisations to assess and improve their leadership believability.

Based on your results – benchmarked against the best – opr will work with you to craft a platform and point of difference that best leverages your leadership strengths, addresses perceived weaknesses and propels your leaders and your organisation forward.

Understand your leadership score and explore insights into the perceptions of those audiences that matter to you.

Contact Kaz Scott, Chief Strategy Officer Kaz.Scott@opragency.com.au for a one-on-one briefing.