Driving new brand perceptions

Opr was hired to work on a brand awareness project for Cabcharge. This covered everything from brand marketing and employee engagement through B2B and technology PR to digital content strategy, production and execution.


Australian business travellers have relied on Cabcharge for 40 years but brand perception was under threat from rideshare competitors. After conducting research that showed its core audience cares most about time and cost savings, we delivered a comprehensive campaign designed to challenge their thinking.

At the heart of this was a calculator that let the audience estimate the time and cost savings they could get through using Cabcharge. We also developed a broad range of visual and written content for a campaign-specific website as well as social creative and paid advertising.

We amplified the story through business and technology media, with a paid media strategy reinforcing key messages and promoting the brand’s new Digital Pass product. We drove thousands of people to the campaign microsite and, more importantly, generated hundreds of sales enquiries.