opr Proud to Launch Aussie Luxe Sleep Brand

opr Proud to Launch Aussie Luxe Sleep Brand
June 15, 2018 OPR

15 June 2018: Last week, opr launched Shleep, a new lifestyle brand inspired by Australian’s growing motivation and desire to include sleep in their definition of healthy lifestyle.

Shleep promises The Best Mornings Ever and even better waking life, because its products are made with fine Australian Merino wool, a thermal-regulating fibre they say, is so uncannily soft, that when it surrounds you, it can soothe you to sleep faster and get you 25% more restorative, sleep, compared to other materials2.

Indi Maini, Founder and CEO of Shleep, believes that the secret for a healthier sleep has been grazing in our country’s farms for centuries. “30 years of scientific research suggests that sleeping surrounded by wool results in better quality sleep3“she said.

Wool is thermal-regulating and has the unique ability to retain 35% of its own weight in moisture so that the body stays dry and is never too hot or cold. It is also breathable, hypoallergenic and can be extremely soft and supportive – all essential attributes for managing the sleep environment. Yet few people globally (including Australians) know about this and believe the opposite to be true…

Designed in Australia, Shleep has teamed up with Jonathan Ward, the acclaimed former Executive Designer of R.M.Williams to create a wide range of 28 bedding, sleep accessories and sleepwear products suitable for the whole family.

According to Ward: “We’re truly excited about how beautiful and unique our range has turned out to be, but even prouder that we did not simply accept the natural benefits of wool as a fait accompli – for us it was always about innovation and pushing the fibre into new territories for an enhanced softer feel and greater functionality. By doing this, we hope to completely disrupt how wool is being seen or being used (or more likely underused) in the sleep or bedding category,” he said.