Challenging second-hand opinions

Opr has worked on consumer press office, brand campaigns and influencer programs for eBay since 2014. Although 90 per cent of listings on Australia’s largest marketplace are new, there’s a common misconception that it’s an auction house for second-hand items.

eBay toys list.jpg

We helped to reposition the brand by highlighting well-known partners selling through the ‘new eBay’ including Coles and Toys R Us. We also reinforced the ‘new eBay’ message through key category influencers and told the audience about the benefits of its loyalty program, eBay Plus.

We amplified cultural relevance with data-led stories that positioned eBay as a barometer of Australian behaviour. We’ve also used key retail moments like Christmas to promote proprietary tools that predict the hottest products. We take these direct to media through activations such as the eBay Toy Lab.