Futures 5


In our fifth annual Futures report, we reveal 19 new insights that will impact marketing and communications in the 2020s. This decade will be shaped by a new generation of pioneers determined to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

We look at the rise of direct action and protest, the brand implications of doing rather than telling, new approaches to political engagement and their policy repercussions, and the desire to escape from digital noise and find the joy in everyday doing.


The Decade Of Do

Action is everything in the Decade of Do – helping to solve problems, fix inequalities and tackle the big issues. Previously confined to communications, positive action is now being baked into the heart of business strategy.

We’re seeing a new generation of pioneers taking on everything from inequality to climate change. They’re working with everyday people, homing in on highly engaged audiences and helping previously ignored minorities. They’re turning divisiveness into harmony, encouraging their audiences to take ownership while championing the simple and direct. Welcome to the Decade of Do.