Making art accessible for everyone

Opr has been working with IKEA for the past three years, primarily on brand marketing with some public affairs. Best known for providing affordable furniture design, the brand has extended this concept through its annual Art Event.


Art is generally perceived as being for the rich, with 68 per cent of Australians believing that a piece of art by a recognised artist would cost more than $1,000. We wanted to show that it’s accessible for everyone.

To do this, we unveiled Australia’s first removable art exhibition. As the name suggests, this allowed people to take pieces by some of the world’s most prominent artists off the walls of the Art Gallery of New South Wales. We invited the media, consumers, IKEA staff and partners to take a favourite piece home for free.

Tickets for this ultimate pop-up gallery sold out within 24 hours, video content was viewed more than 220,000 times and the campaign generated more than 120 pieces of coverage.

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