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Working With Us

Working at opr is probably not what you’d expect. Yes we are a large agency but we work hard to bring people together so we feel like a much smaller agency. We sit in practice area teams and most people also work with a mixture of different teams across PR disciplines.

We have a shared HR, Finance, Planning and Training team who support all of the businesses with the processes, insights, data and training you would expect from a leading global PR brand.

When you join us we’ll share all the benefits and perks of being part of our team – from our agile working program, to finishing early on Summer Fridays, to our weekly training program. We’ll also let you know our expectations of you – the behaviours, the client work, the professionalism and the contribution we want you to make to our culture.

The values that underpin this are what drive everything we do and every decision we make about the business and our clients:

Innovation– to ask what if we? 

Curiousity – to always pursue the new 

Creativity – the idea can come from anyone 

Partnership – discover each other, deliver together

Bravery – be brave: speak up

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Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

opr in Australia is committed to providing a workplace that is inclusive of difference, encouraging and enabling each employee to fully contribute.  The Company recognises the diversity of our employees and aims to provide a Company culture that recognises, respects, values and enables everyone to work effectively towards the achievement of our business goals.

The Company promotes equality of opportunity and employment.  Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) ensures that all employment decisions are solely made on the basis of merit, taking into account all relevant skills and experience, without bias or prejudice.

The Company promotes diversity.  Diversity encompasses differences in indigenous and ethnic origin, gender, language, age, sexual orientation, marital status, nationality, religion, socio-economic status, physical and mental ability, experience and education.

Managing diversity and applying EEO principles makes the Company more flexible, productive and competitive.

This policy accords with Australian legislation and WPP Policy Guidelines.