Lung Foundation Australia

Removing the stigma of lung cancer

Opr has partnered with AstraZeneca and the Lung Foundation for almost five years now. The work is designed to change perceptions of lung cancer and improve patient outcomes. It includes a range of services from healthcare PR and public affairs to digital content creation, amplification and social media engagement.


Stigma is a real problem for lung cancer patients. This leads to late diagnoses, a lack of research investment, mental health issues and a survival rate that’s barely moved in a decade. The first step in tackling stigma and improving patient outcomes was to call it out.

We highlighted the systemic stigma through a survey that put this issue on the national agenda. Then, with the support of PwC, we launched a report focused on disease burden and economic impact, providing actionable insights and a roadmap for change.

We’ve since rolled out three more high-profile awareness campaigns. And we’re making a difference because conversations about lung cancer are changing.