Howorth and Telstra unearth the Australian productivity gap

Howorth and Telstra unearth the Australian productivity gap
September 2, 2009 Kaz Scott

Telstra Productivity Indicator front page_v2Challenge

To create a versatile thought leadership platform relevant for finance and information executives.  To create a robust platform for Telstra to communicate its ‘productivity’ value proposition and expertise to the corporate sector.


The key benefit of Telstra’s ICT solutions is achieving more with less resources, so Howorth identified an opportunity for the client to become a thought leader on the topic of productivity.

Creative idea

To bring the topic to life, Howorth recommended Telstra commission independent research to investigate how productivity is viewed by decision makers in Australian business and government organisations. The report, The Telstra Productivity Indicator, identified the phenomena of the ‘productivity gap’, where senior managers place high value on productivity but don’t have tools to effectively measure or manage it. The report was complemented by a white paper commissioned by  ACIL Tasman, looking at the role of ICT in delivering productivity benefits.


The research was launched to media via a series of high level media briefings supported by third party case studies demonstrating productivity initiatives.  The Howorth team also reached out to social media to ensure Telstra was associated with the productivity conversation.


Telstra took public ownership of the productivity debate and the term “productivity gap’ become part of the media vernacular during the first news cycle.  The innovative idea also became the foundation for all of Telstra’s employee and customer communication.  Impressively, Howorth achieved 75% of the annual coverage target in just four weeks


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