Insights from Inside the Jury Room at D&AD

Insights from Inside the Jury Room at D&AD
April 26, 2018 OPR

26 April 2018: Executive Creative Director, Bridget Jung, sat down with Candide McDonald, editor of The Stable, to share her experience in the Jury Room of D&AD.

The Stable: D&AD judging is tough. The work has already gone through pre-selection judging. Good work sits on the bottom tier.

Bridget Jung: In a judging room, there’s the work that’s good, which becomes the minimum. Then you have work with a bit of magic or inspiration that sets it apart. That work becomes the ingredients for the Book, the work that deserves to be awarded and the work that should be really celebrated. This is the work that’s able to shift 10 to 12 people in a room with something that’s beyond just being new or just being original but a really interesting way into a problem.

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