Trumpet Winners Announced for Q2 2018

Trumpet Winners Announced for Q2 2018
June 27, 2018 OPR

27 June 2018:  The Trumpets are our formal employee recognition program which are designed to acknowledge and reward our team members for the great work that we do. opr’s culture is built on five core values – Bravery, Creativity, Curiousity, Innovation and Partnership. The awards recognise values-based behaviours – from great client work to the way we work with each other and aligned with our social and environmental commitments.

Congratulations to our winners this quarter.

Sarah Quinlivan, Senior Account Director – Pulse Communications – Winner of the Lion King Award

Georgia Colahan, Account Manager – Howorth Communications

Jordan Bradley, Head of Publicity – Pulse Communications

Lexi Penfold, Senior Account Director – Pulse Communications