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We are living deep in the age of mistrust in a so-called ‘post-truth’ world. In this era of fake news, high scepticism, low confidence in news sources organisations and brands face one of their greatest challenges to date: believability.

Believability is important because it’s the precursor to trust. When we believe in people and organisations we are more likely to buy from them, be loyal to them, listen to them, engage with them, work for them – and trust them.

At opr we consider true believability to be when people, organisations, institutions, employers and brands align what they say with what they do. But too often there is a believability gap that prevents the benefits from being realised.

Consumers, voters, employees and opinion leaders all want brands and organisations to have purpose-driven impact on the world. And believability comes when true, meaningful purpose is put into genuine and tangible action.

opr is an agency uniquely placed to build belief in your cause, organisation, brand or purpose. We look beyond media channels or traditional siloed disciplines to truly diagnose your believability and respond with an integrated program that delivers real business outcomes.
Believability is our business.

Believability is our business.

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