Celebrating outstanding BRAVERY in honour of Michael Hartmann

Celebrating outstanding BRAVERY in honour of Michael Hartmann
December 1, 2016 OPR

The Trumpets are opr’s formal employee recognition program. It’s about recognising and rewarding behaviours across the business that are aligned to our four company values – Partnership, Curiousity, Invention and Bravery.

There are four quarterly winners. Of this four, one receives a ‘Lion King Award’. At the end of each year, a standout winner will be chosen to receive the best of the best prize.

We will be renaming the yearly Award ‘The Michael Hartman award’ in honour of BRAVERY.

Michael Hartmann was a former colleague and dear friend who sadly lost his battle with brain cancer. His positivity and friendly nature touched everyone who worked alongside him and we are full of admiration for how he handled his illness – with a “no negative talk” mantra, he was BRAVE. He was brave on a number of fronts and was always pushing people to follow their dreams, after all life is short.

In memory of Michael, we have been looking at ways in which we can celebrate his life and remember him within the opr family.

We launched the Michael Hartmann Award at our November all-team meeting where Michael’s wife Jacque and sons Max and Gus attended the launch and helped present this quarter’s Trumpet winners.

The trumpet winners included:

  • Overall winner of the quarterly ‘Lion King Award’ went to Jacqui Potter
  • Three quarterly trumpet awards went to Miriam Wells, Ross Lambert and Sarah Quinlivan

Each trumpet winner was nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond, living out our core values.

Congratulations to our winners. We thank everyone at opr for their exceptional work. And a special thank you to Michael’s family for being involved in the launch.