Be consistent and cut through the clutter – unfashionable is fashionable again!

Be consistent and cut through the clutter – unfashionable is fashionable again!
March 15, 2017 Anne Fulwood

We say it often in our media training here at Ogilvy – be a consistent performer, play to your strengths, know your purpose, and you stand a good chance of cutting through.

It’s not easy amid the everyday clutter of communications where we can source anything, anytime and we’re bombarded with options virtually 24/7.

And here’s proof, that consistent – even unfashionable – performance delivers.

The latest TV ratings show that the ABC Sunday morning political panel show, “Insiders”, hosted by laconic but incisive, veteran reporter Barry Cassidy, is averaging 548,000 viewers this year, putting it ahead of Seven’s “Sunrise” and Nine’s “Today” shows. (Technically the commercial shows have way bigger numbers over the week, but “Insiders” has the biggest average).

Mix it with imaginative satirical “mash-ups” by young video producers like Walkley Award winning Huw Parkinson, and you’ve got a show for everyone, young and old!

Check out this recent brilliance:  “Kindergarten COP – Parliament”!

It shows to me that people of all ages are returning to credible, authentic news and current affairs – with an edge – where there is not a skerrick of false truth involved!

“Insiders” was launched in 2001 off an idea scribbled on a napkin by Cassidy and the, now, ABC News boss, Gaven Morris.

It provided an early distraction to the might of the Nine Network “Sunday” program, which aired from October 1981 to August 2008. But since the demise of Nine’s “Sunday”, “Insiders” has filled the void.

Experience matters and in its 17th year, ABC “Insiders” delivers on its promise to be a show for political junkies, every week.  Cassidy says he isn’t surprised:  “clutter makes viewers hungrier for a weekly digest.”

All of which goes to show, you don’t have to be fashionable to cut through and be a winner.