Emirates – A friend of Australia

Emirates – A friend of Australia
January 1, 2005 Kaz Scott


To double Emirates’ cap of 49 flights a week to Australia over 7 years via a multifaceted strategy negotiating directly with the federal government, influencing their state ministerial counterparts and all political stakeholders on the positive outcomes this deal would deliver to Australia’s tourism exports sector. To complement the government relations strategy, P&P developed a 360° PA campaign which included strategic media management which shaped broader reporting on aviation policy, leveraging existing partnerships and developing events which highlighted EK commitment and articulated its Australian story.


Our research indicated the need to better articulate Emirates contribution to Australia’s tourism and trade sector, challenge misconceptions, highlight its ongoing investment and the consumer benefits delivered through continued growth.

Creative idea

“Emirates – a Friend of Australia” strategy utilised third party support (e.g. airport CEO’s, influential media, tourism ministers) to assist convincing the Government to support Emirates request for additional services.


Our primary Government target was the Federal Minister for Transport and Regional Services but also key Cabinet Ministers, senior bureaucrats and public servants. We organised media briefings, visits by senior Emirates executives, commissioned significant research and tailored messages to over 100 key stakeholders.


In March 2007, a new agreement allowed Emirates to grow its flights to Australia’s gateways over four years by 71% – a major win for the airline and Australian tourism and trade sectors.



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