NRMA: Kokoda – leadership in action

NRMA: Kokoda – leadership in action
February 1, 2009 Kaz Scott



NRMA Motoring & Services designed a unique teamwork and leadership program called the NRMA Kokoda Project. They wanted to leverage positive media coverage about the program and position themselves as people management leaders.


One challenge was differentiating the program from other ‘team’ activities on the Kokoda Track. We developed positive messaging around why NRMA needed a people solution and differentiate the client from the insurance brand owned by a different entity. The story also needed harder news angles.

Creative idea

We developed three story dimensions – CEO and project leader thought leadership; telling the human resources story; and leveraging the personal stories of the participants. To ramp up ‘newsworthiness’ we developed angles around Remembrance Day and leadership in an economic downturn.


The coverage objective was exceeded with two television interviews, five radio interviews, one major metro print piece of coverage and one human resources vertical print piece of coverage achieved.


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