opr trumpet winners

opr trumpet winners
June 25, 2012 Kaz Scott

Last week, we announced the fourth and final round of our trumpet winners. The Trumpets is our formal employee recognition program launched in May 2011. Our company culture is built on our three core Values – Partnership, Learn & Grow and One Step ahead, and the program recognises values-based behaviours across the whole business – from great client work to the way we work with each other and aligned with our social and environmental commitments.

A very big congratulations to the winners for this quarter:

Peta Lange, Parker & Partners – Learn and Grow, nominated by Catherine Ellis

“When Peta joined P&P she was keen to learn and quickly became a valued colleague and was called upon to help bolster P&P’s health expertise. She was so willing to step up to the plate, develop a new portfolio of expertise and see where it took both her and P&P.”

Koby Geddes and Mitch Phillips, social@Ogilvy – Partnership, nominated by Kieran Moore, Shalini Gonsalves and the Impact Team

“It’s been nearly a year, and these two fun loving social hipsters have been the reason we come to work on Fridays – and the reason why the new opr folk feel welcome, and the exiting opr folk have a cool crazy way to say goodbye. What better last memory of what defines OPR than a Fun Police fake bio, and a bottle of middle price point wine to send you on your way.”

Lex Deasley, Pulse Communications – One Step Ahead, nominated by Kieran Moore

“Lex, on top of his client and Pulse responsibilities , took on the challenge of the Ogilvid campaign. He not only ensured that 12 teams from across the company have participated, but has managed to ensure that the objectives of Ogilvid have been achieved.”

THE BIG ONE – the end of year best of best final winner will be announced at the end of June. Good luck to all winners so far!