Futures #4

Flawed, Hacked, Hard & Slow

Futures #4

Flawed, Hacked, Hard & Slow


Futures #4 identifies key trends and insights in technology, culture and content, which will impact Australia and New Zealand businesses, organisations and government. The report delivers new, incisive and practical business intelligence distilled from the world’s leading creative and technology conferences such as Cannes Lions, SxSW, D&AD, E3, CES and CommsCon.

Now in its fourth consecutive year, the 2019 report, entitled ‘Futures #4 – Flawed, Hacked, Hard and Slow’ is the most comprehensive Futures report yet. It comprises 28 trends across five chapters covering society, technology, storytelling, government policy, healthcare, culture and marketing. It informs C-suite, marketing, communication and government leaders how these trends will impact their organisations.


Trends in culture and content that are changing the types of stories we are telling. Trends include ‘The New Slow’, ‘The Big Not Easy’ and ‘The Interdependents’.

New technology changing the stories we can tell, and the way we tell them. Trends include ‘Emojitales’, ‘Snaptification’ and ‘The Power of Sound’.

Demographics and societal trends impacting government policy. Trends include ‘The Elders’, ‘The Last Taboo’, and ‘The Death of Masculinity?’.

New technologies disrupting marketing. Trends include ‘The Age of Attention’, ‘Kindcraft’ and ‘AI³’.

How health will soon be able to replace your body, brain and soul. Trends include ‘The Japanese Lover’ and ‘Totto and Your Inorganic Future’.


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